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Are you an entrepreneur that is looking to start a new business? Would you like to make the transition from what you are doing right now to owning your own business?  Are you ready to exceed your goals and objectives while maintaining a balanced life?

Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur, or a corporate employee looking to venture out on your own, starting a new business in today’s business environment is at best an extreme challenge.  With 85% of all businesses failing within the first 5 years, the decisions you make along the way to getting your business up and running are critical to your success.  One small mistake or wrong turn can be the turning point and the difference between being successful with your business venture, or failing miserably. 

As an entrepreneur, you are in total control of your destiny, and the results you create, as well as the benefits, are directly attributed to you!

If you are a new or experienced entrepreneur that is looking to start a new business, and is looking for a partner to work with you, you will benefit greatly from working with a coach.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

I have tons of great ideas, but I’m having problems focusing them into a cohesive business plan and strategy
I’m trying to do everything on my own, and things just aren’t getting done fast enough
I have a vision for where I want to go, but I have no idea how to get started and how to ultimately make my dreams a reality
I’m finding that I am constantly distracted, and just can’t seem to focus long enough to move things forward
I’m not sure what needs to happen so that I can quit my “real job” and start my own business
I work so many hours that I rarely have time for anything but work
I am so busy that I feel completely overwhelmed and my stress level is “off the charts”
I feel like I’m on an island, and I have no one to talk to and support me as I deal with the issues of starting and running a business
While I know what I want to accomplish, I am lacking the tools and support I need to get where I need to go
I find that I waste a lot of time daydreaming and distracting myself, and am having problems holding myself accountable to taking action

If so, working with a coach you can:

Determine which ideas are good ones, and develop a focused plan to move forward with them
Learn to leverage yourself and delegate, so that things get done quickly and effectively
Break down your vision into concrete goals, and then into daily actions, so that your dreams become your reality
Discover how to take control of your mind and focus your actions so that you double and triple your productivity
Overcome your fears and get rid of your addiction to a weekly paycheck so that you can reach your true potential in your own business
Live a balanced life, which works well
Learn to create a “stress free” work zone so that stress and overwhelm are a thing of the past
Have an experienced partner that can provide you with the support structure and insights you need to be your best
Gain access to all of the tools and support that you need to achieve your goals and objectives quickly and easily
Have an “accountability partner” that is going to hold you accountable and push you beyond your current limitations

Additionally, as your coach I will provide you with:

The tools, support structure, and distinctions to allow you to reach your goals quickly
An environment where you can speak openly and freely – everything we talk about is held in strict confidence
Access to an extensive network of professionals and other people that can help you achieve your goals
Support between sessions via phone and e-mail
Access to hundreds of resources and assessments
The full and honest truth from someone who is in your corner
Are you ready to learn how coaching can help you achieve your goals?

(877) 262-0282 .