Candace House

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Candace has worked extinsively with women and men from all walks of life...on relationships, career goals or changes, finding their passion in life, creating more money, work and life balance, reducing stress, managing overwhelm, finding peace, creating health and wellbeing,  releasing blocks and limiting beliefs....
Her coaching practice is about raising people’s consciousness and helping them become conscious creators of their own lives.  Candace strongly believes that our thoughts create our emotion…which in turn creates motion.  So if you want to change your life, your mind needs to be the first thing to change. Followed by your words.
A sought-after business/success, life coach, NLP practitioner and speaker, Dr. Candace Houseis the author of You Frame Your World by the Words You Say, Change Your Words Change Your Life, Shut the Door, It is Well, What is God Eating and her new book Dream Maker versus Day Dreamers. She coaches entrepreneurs and professionals seeking a more purposeful path. Her bi-monthly e-newsletter inspires hundreds of subscribers.
Dr. House is the host of the television show The Breathing Room and her new show, Today’s Dream Maker. She is a frequent media contributor to other radio and television shows as well. She has engaged in thousands of interviews with business owners, famous authors and recording artist, teachers and professors as well as clergy on her three global radio shows.
An entrepreneur at heart, she worked at four fortune 500 companies spanning a 20 year time period. Positions held are Human Resource Manager, Account Executive, Marketing Executive and Sales Director. Past businesses while working for other companies include a restaurant(co-owner), tutoring service, and a home improvement shop. 
Her belief that God was directing her toward a higher purpose, was the driving force to move her out of corporate America. She left Bell South/AT&T to strike out on her on full time to pursue her dream of being a full time business owner. She started The World Education Network Inc and Your World Realized.
Candace’s professional training includes Human Resource Mgt with a continuing education in the Christian arena. This includes a MAEd and MA in Christian Psychology.  She has earned and titled Doctorates as well, Ph.D. and Psy.D. of Christian Psychology as well as  Ph.D. of Theology. Adding to her extensive education, an honorary Doctorate of Divinity was confered on her .
Other Business training includes FRED PRYOR’s Creative Leadership for Managers, & Train the Trainer ZIG ZIGGLER’s Strategies for Success & Time Management Skills  BELLSOUTH/AT&T’s Marketing and Sales SKILL PATH’s How to Excel at Managing People Sparking Innovation and Creativity and DALE CARNEIGE’s Sales Leadership Excellence as well as numerous other training. 
To help clients stay on track I use a combination of my background 
as a Christian, an entrepreneur, psychology, NLP, philosophy, education, intuition, process and upper managerial experience.  
Meet Candace House Ph.D, NLP Practioner and Success Coach
(386) 264-3275